December 2014


To the friends and members of the North Staffs Anglo-German Club


Thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas meeting last Thursday. We had a wonderful time with Stollen, chocolate and Glühwein and singing along to some well-known English and German Christmas tunes. Dinner for One was also on the programme; we never seem get tired of Freddie Frinton.  


Terry Bloor gave us an update of the link between the Diocese of Lichfield with the Nordkirche in Germany.


It also needs mentioning that last month, we went on our third coach trip this year to the Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham. This was a great success and everyone who took part really enjoyed themselves.


In January, we will have to move our meeting to the second Thursday, to the 8th. We will do our annual January quiz for a good start into the year.

Christine Conlin has also offered to tell us a bit about the exhibition ‘Germany, memories of a nation’ which will be displayed in the British Museum until 25.1.15. Those who have seen it may want to contribute. We may take the opportunity to listen to one of the BBC Radio 4 podcasts, presenting the exhibition.


As the year draws to a close, may I just say a big thank you to everyone for supporting our club with raffle prizes. Your help is very much appreciated.



I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you in the new year.


November 2014


To the friends and members of the North Staffs Anglo-German Club


What a brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable evening we had with Derek Poulson last week! He has taken us on a humorous and entertaining tour around the UK using authentic British dialects, which had us laugh out loud! What a shame if you had to miss this but maybe we can have him again in the future.


Christmas is approaching fast: Saturday after next, we will be visiting the Christmas market in Birmingham. If you have queries about it, please contact Marj. She has the list. For everyone who has reserved a seat: We will be leaving at 9.30am on Sat. 22nd from the rugby club to return for about 6pm.


And the week after our trip will see this year’s advent service. Here is an excerpt from Terry Bloor’s email and invite:


Please let the A-G Club members know that there will be several visitors from the Nordkirche at St. Mark's, Shelton (the big church by the Jaguar garage at the top of Snow Hill), on Saturday, 29th November. The service will be in bi-lingual, as usual, and will begin at 7.00pm. There will be seasonal refreshments served afterwards.


On Thursday 4th December7.30pm we will come together for our December meeting at the Anglo-German Club. There will be Christmas songs, Stollen and Glühwein for everyone who wishes to join us.


Thank you again for all your donations for raffle prizes and for your support.


Hope to see you at one of our next events.


 October 2014


To the friends and members of the North Staffs Anglo-German Club


Just a quick email to say thank you to everyone who came to our October meeting last week. Thank you also to Bill for providing some Bierkeller music for us. We were all quite disappointed that the Oktoberfest had to be cancelled but we made the best of it. Please let us know if any more refunds need to be made.


Please do make a note in your diary for our next meeting on Thursday November 6th. Derek Poulson, a stand-up performer of national fame is coming to join us. He will take us on a humorous tour around the British Isles and her dialects. This event will be free to members and will cost £4 entrance to any guests who would like to come along.


Also a reminder about our trip to the Birmingham Christmas market: 22nd November, 9.30am departure from the rugby club. At the moment, there are another two seats available if you wanted to bring someone along. Please let us know.


Thanks again to everyone for supporting us with raffle prizes and raffle tickets.



Hope to see you all in November.


September 2014


To the members and friends of the North Staffs Anglo-German Club


For those who couldn’t make it yesterday: we had a very interesting meeting. We talked about the fall of the Berlin Wall (25th anniversary this year!) and people’s memories were quite varied. If you feel you would still like to share your impressions about this event, I am happy to forward it to Lesley. Lesley and Irmgard could then use these in the panel discussion in Erlangen on November 9th. So do let us know what you remember about the events 25 years ago.


Last weekend, we had our first outing. The trip to the German restaurant in Manchester was a great success. Maryam and Ramin at the Hotspot Ess Paradies made a great effort and we really enjoyed their food. There is a second trip going ahead this coming Sunday, 14th September. We still have places for that one. So if you fancy a three course German meal, please do get in touch.


As you know, the tickets for the Oktoberfest are now on sale. Please don’t delay ordering yours. Here again the payment options:


1. Pop down to the Longton Rugby Club (Eastern Rise, S-o-T, ST4 8GR) and buy them at the bar. Please ring first (01782 594016) to make sure someone is in.


2. Make a bank transfer into our account at Lloyds TSB. Please send a short email to to let us know.

(North Staffs Anglo-German Club, Sort Code: 77-58-02, Acc. No.: 33 94 51 68)


3. Send a cheque to Marj’s address (Marj Vernon, 13 Berwick Walks, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 2LJ)

Please make cheques payable to North Staffs Anglo-German Club and put your name and address on the back.


And here are the details again:


Saturday, 4th October at 7.30pm at the Longton Rugby Club.

Ticket price: £5 members and £9 non-members. (see attached poster) Also, would you take a copy to your local shop, post office etc. to help us get the word round. Food is included with the ticket price


Donations for raffle prizes are always much appreciated. If you know any businesses in your area who would support us with a raffle prize on this occasion, we would be very grateful.






August 2014


To the friends and members of the North Staffs Anglo-German Club


Our meeting last week was quite well attended. Thanks again to Irmgard and Clive for their interesting presentation on the long-standing link with Erlangen.


As you know, this November is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Peter Steger, the Erlangen twinning officer, is organising a panel discussion in Erlangen on 9th November to commemorate this historic milestone and has asked Lesley and Irmgard whether they would represent Stoke for this event. For September, we decided it would be a good idea to listen to some of the interview I gave on BBS Radio Stoke in July and then discuss it afterwards as one of the main topics of the conversation was about the Wall. By way of preparation for the meeting, could everyone please have a think about where they were when the Wall came down and how much they remember about it, first impressions, news, reactions, thoughts at the time. Lesley and Irmgard would very much like to use these memories for the panel discussion in Erlangen to represent the English point-of-view at the time. Thank you for your help in this, giving Lesley and Irmgard something to take with them to the discussion in Erlangen in November.   


Our outings are coming along nicely. The trip to the Birmingham Christmas market on November 22nd only has about 5 seats left at the moment. Please let me know if this was something you wanted to attend and haven’t told me yet or whether there are some more friends interested in coming with us.


The trip to the German restaurant in Manchester had such good reply that we decided to book two coaches in the end. One trip is on Sunday, 31st August, and the other one two weeks after, on Sunday 14thSeptember. Both are going ahead and both still have places. As these trips are in the near future, could you please let me know urgently, whether you want to be on either of these coaches. We need a £5 deposit and your choice of meal soon.


October, the month of our biggest event, is approaching fast. Tickets for our Oktoberfest, Sat. 4th October, will be on sale at our next meeting. You know how popular it is, so make sure you get your early.


Thank you to everyone, who participated in last week’s raffle. There were that many prizes, the draw kept us going for quite some time…


July 2014


What a lovely evening we had last week! A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our delicious buffet. And thanks again for all the raffle prizes you donated and all the tickets you bought.


Next month, Irmgard and Clive offered to do a little presentation about the links they have with our twinning town Erlangen in Bavaria. We are looking forward to this as they have had maintained these contacts for years and have been there many times over the years.


BBC Radio Stoke have invited me to come onto the Den Siegertsz show 10-11am tomorrow. Apparently, there is a football game on Sunday and they are interested in the German view on things…  Please do listen in and if you can’t or aren’t in the area, I’m sure you can listen online at: .


Gordon has told me that Marj has come through her operation, is already looking a lot better and finally on the mend. I will pass on your good wishes, when I’ll go to visit later.


The list for the trip to the German Christmas market in Birmingham on Sat. 22nd November is filling up. You need to let me know if you want to come. Places are £5 refundable on the bus for members and £7.50 for non-members.


For the trip to the Hotspot Essparadies restaurant in Manchester, we have decided the following choice for a three course meal: 


1 Frikadelle + Kartoffelsalat

2 Mozzarella Sticks



1 Schnitzel with Chips (if you want it with Jägersoße + £1)

2 Currywurst

3 Käsespätzle



1 Apfelstrudel

2 Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

The price for the three-course meal is £13 (+£1 if you want sauce on your schnitzel). We will collect the money in and you would have to choose beforehand which of the dishes you would like to order. Drinks will have to be ordered and paid for individually at the table. We will book a bus free of charge to our members to take us from the Rugby Club at around 1.30pm and bring us back around 6pm. I am suggesting the following dates. Please reply with your choice, so we can decide when to book the restaurant and the bus. Places are very limited, as the restaurant is only small, so please reply back soon with a preference.







June 2014


What a brilliant evening we had last week. Maurice had prepared so many songs for us, classical, lullabies, modern. Clapping-along and singing-along, he kept us busy. Many thanks to Maurice. He is clearly an asset to our Club. Thanks also to Christine Conlin for leading us with her voice.


In order to have a good discussion with the owners of the Hotspot Ess Paradies and to check out their restaurant, I went to Manchester last weekend. As announced, the Club would like to book a coach to take us there one Sunday afternoon later this summer for some original German cuisine. I must say, the food was home from home and the guys, who run the restaurant are very friendly and accommodating. They don’t have a website of their own but here is some info:


They do have a Facebook Page though:


Maybe you want to go yourself and try them out. So as soon as the owner gives us a price, I will forwards a choice of Sundays.


Next month, we thought we could do a Bring & Share, as it’s been a while since we have done that. Please everyone, just bring some food with you to share, English or German. And if you don’t have the time or opportunity to bring something with you, you can leave a small donation.


We are very excited that for the August meeting,  Irmgard and Clive have offered to give us some feedback/presentation on their return trip to Erlangen earlier this year. Normally, we don’t have an August meeting but it seems to have worked out this way and there was initial support for a meeting last week. So everyone is very welcome to attend.



For Saturday, November 22nd , we have booked a coach to take us to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. Seats are £5 for members, refundable on the day, and £7.50 for non-members. Please make sure you reserve your seat(s) by the July meeting.